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The Good
Young people are engaging on social media and online in healthy and useful ways. For example, in a recent national survey of 3,500 young people conducted by the e-Safety Commission,
• 79% of young people use the internet to complete homework.
• 31% use it to keep up to date with the news and current events.
• 67% of young people searched for and learnt new things.
• 87% watched video clips .

As well as using social media and the internet in useful and constructive ways, young people are feeling more empowered to act against negative online experiences. (64% of young people responded by blocking or unfriending people which is up from 46% in 2017).

Young people are also seeking health and emotional support on-line particularly mental health online support.

The Not-so-good
While there are many positives, there are still areas of concern.
• The majority of young people will talk to strangers online, in fact 6 out of 10 young people chat with someone they have met online.
• One in eight children have sent a photo or video of themselves to someone they have met online.
These types of behaviour place young people are potential risk.

The Ugly
Of the young people who took part in the national survey 55% had experienced hurtful, bullying behaviour in the past 12 months and 45% of young people had experienced this online. More than half of the young people had also witnessed their friends or someone they know being treated in an unkind and bullying manner.

Two-thirds of young people aged 14–17 were exposed in the past year to negative content, such as content relating to drug taking, suicide or self-harm, or gory or violent material .

There is still much to do to make the on-line world a safe place for our young people. A place where they can explore new information, learn new skills, and relax safely watching videos and listening to music.

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