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Digital Citizens


Increasing numbers of young people are standing up for themselves when they experience online harassment or bullying behaviour.  Young people are also active in building positive and inclusive on-line relationships and supporting one another.

Being positive and inclusive on-line is part of being a good digital citizen.  Other qualities of a digital citizen are respect, acting responsibly and knowing how to protect your security, privacy, and wellbeing when online.

Youth Legal Service, in raising awareness on the issue of cyber-bullying and on-line harassment also encourages young people to become digital citizens who use technology safely, for enjoyment and to support others who may be experiencing on-line harassment or bullying.

This page is for you to share what you have done to manage and/or control on-line harassment or bullying.  The tips you share will provide resources to others, so that together we can be supportive as digital citizens.

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Digital Citizen

More young people are not only standing up to cyber-bullying and on-line harassment, they are also providing more support and assistance to other young people who are still experiencing cyber-bullying.

As you know, cyberbullying often leaves us feeling isolated, alone, and unsure how to respond.  What you have done to deal with your experience can help another young person.

We are encouraging people who have experienced online and cyberbullying to share what was helpful to them in dealing with this situation.

Share your experience with us below.

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