Fact Sheet #1 – Steps to Take when you Experience Cyber-Bullying

Fact Sheet #1 – Steps to Take when you Experience Cyber-Bullying

What is cyber-bullying?
Cyber-bullying is using on-line platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram, Tick Tok to post, send or share false, abusive, derogatory, and hurtful content about another person.  This content can be about a person’s cultural or racial background, their sexuality, or some aspect of their physicality.

I am experiencing cyber-bullying, what can I do about it?

  1. It is important to acknowledge cyber-bullying and harassment hurts.
    • The person doing the cyber-bullying is looking to get a reaction from you. When we feel hurt and angry because of what has been said or posted, it is easy to react.
    • If the person knows they have got a reaction from you, they will often escalate the bullying.
    • If you are feeling hurt and angry talk to a trusted friend or parent who can help you deal with the anger and hurt, you feel.
  2. Do not respond but take a screen shot of what has been said, posted or sent.
    • As said above, sometimes the person doing the cyber-bullying is looking for a reaction from you. If they do not get a reaction, they may stop. However.
    • Sometimes they do not stop.
    • Part of the dynamic of cyber-bullying is to make you feel isolated and anxious. This is where you need your trusted friends and family, so you know, you are not alone, and you have support.
    • If you think the person doing the cyber-bullying is from your school, it is important to speak with a trusted teacher or school counsellor who can support and assist you.
  3. Where cyber-bullying is on-going, after you have taken the screen shot, block the person from your profile.
  4. Reporting cyber-bullying
    Remember you can report cyber-bullying:
    • To the social media platform, e.g., Facebook, Instagram, Tick Tok, Snapchat or the other platforms you are using.
    • To the e-Safety Commission Report abuse | eSafety Commissioner
    • If you are the victim of cyber-bullying or on-line harassment you can also report it to Report | Cyber.gov.au

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