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It may not be cool to admit it, but most of us enjoy watching superhero films sometimes. We know how the plot works out, we know good will eventually win out even if it takes to the third series or film release. Yet, we still enjoy watching.

What is it about superheros and particularly the good superheros that make us watch the films or TV series or play the games?

Superheros are confident and strong.

Superheros face what comes their way. Sometimes, they aren’t sure what to do but they remain strong and true to themselves and find a way to deal with the situation.

We want to be confident and strong. We want to be true to ourselves and that can be challenging when our friends, our mates want us to do something we are not comfortable with. When everyone in our group is making fun of another person, it is difficult to be confident and strong enough not to join in.

Superheros – the good ones, are kind and compassionate.

The superheros who do good are kind to people who are weaker or are in difficulty. We can become so caught up with the superheros fighting the bad guy and the strength they need to do that; we forget the strength of being kind.

Being kind to the person who is different from you, who may have difficulties socialising with others takes strength and confidence.

This campaign the message is

Be the power for good.

Each of us can be the power for good.

Superheroes are not just something we watch, the confidence, strength and kindness they have, is something we can show to people in our lives.

They may be different to us, we may not be close friends, but we can be the power for good by having the confidence and strength to be kind.