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All social media apps allow you to control who looks at your information.  Each app allows different controls over what you share with your friends, family, and the rest of the world.[1]


Facebook has a privacy checkup tool to make it simple to show what you are sharing.


Google has a built-in tool to assist with how your information is used use this like to access googles privacy checker Link is


Go to menu -> settings and privacy -> Privacy and safety.


Go to your profile -> Click on privacy.


Go to your profile and click on setting in the top right corner all their privacy and safety settings.

Snapchat allows you to share your exact location with friends make sure you only allow people you trust with this information. For your safety if you don’t know someone don’t share your location with them.


Go to Setting -> Privacy.


Go to your profile -> Click on the menu top right corner -> settings -> Privacy.


Open settings, go to privacy here you can look at privacy settings for apps, what information your phone collects, what your apps have accesses to like camera and microphone.

[1] This information is correct at the time of publishing.  [March 2021].  Items may change over time.